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One of the main reasons for starting Understanding Cancer was the vast amount of cancer information available on the internet. Ranging from high quality well thought out websites with lots of information, to scam artists offering “snake oil” to the desperate.

Cancer research moves quickly, even textbooks written 5 years ago are out of date, so a lot of people (scientists and doctors included) use the internet to keep up with the changes. If you have a broadband/ASDL internet access then you should have a look at this website “Inside Cancer“. If you don’t have broadband, you can still get some of the information, it just doesn’t look nearly as impressive. Don’t worry, there is nothing gory, but there are some excellent computer generated images of how cells grow and divide.

Inside Cancer, is an American website produced by Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory with funding from the (American) National Institute for Health, which basically means it’s about as up-to date and trustworthy as you can get (from a scientific point of view, of course the snake oil salesmen may disagree)

Inside Cancer” has a series of videos, pictures and animations that describe, in detail how cancer develops, so if you prefer to learn things by looking at pictures, rather than reading through pages and pages of text then you will find plenty of useful information. I wouldn’t try and get through it all in one sitting though, far better to break it down and look at a section at a time, there is after all a lot to learn.

On a more practical level, if you are local to Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland you might be interested in this website Cancer Information – provided by CLAN (Cancer Link Aberdeen and North) and Gordon Disability Action Group. It gives names address and a short description of a whole variety of services that you may find useful.

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