I want a leaflet about cancer

The cancer support charities, Macmillan (the one with the greenish logo) and Cancer Backup (the one with the reddish logo) have merged.  I didn’t realise this until I went to look for some information today.  Cancer Backup has always been my first stop for cancer infromation, as their website and booklets contains lots of detailed and up to date information.

In the past, the Macmillan website was very good for providing information about support groups and financial assistance but had little in the way of information on one specific type of cancer or treatment.  That has now changed, all of the information that was on the Cancerbackup website, is still available, you can find it on the Macmillan website.  It will still have the Backup logo. Phew, I wouldn’t like to think all that information had disappered for good!

Just in case you are wondering Cancer Research UK (the one with the blue logo, tv adverts and letters through your postbox) is a seperate charity, they fund laboratory based research. They also produce information leaflets on specific cancers.

Confused?  Yep, me too…


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