Cancer Fatigue – Why am I so tired?


Cancer fatigue, fatigue means tiredness that doesn’t go away when you rest. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of cancer treatment and often one of the hardest to deal with. First of all, there are things you can do to help.  Let your doctor know. Some cancer treatments can make you anemic [...]


I have had an abnormal mammogram. Does that mean I have cancer?


No, there are many reasons for an abnormal mammogram, sometimes mammograms can be hard to read if the breast tissue is dense, sometimes there are calcium deposits in the breast, both of which are very common.

There was a new article on the BBC News website yesterday that explained very nicely, why not all [...]


Tell the Scottish Government what you think about cancer care in Scotland.

The Scottish government is carrying out a consultation on cancer care in Scotland.  This is your chance to tell the government exactly what you think about cancer care, in Scotland, today.  It also gives you the chance to shape the way services are delivered in the future.

The public consultation started on the 12th [...]


Computer Games to Fight Cancer?

It all sounds a bit sci-fi, but computer game designer are now making computer games, where kids can fly around and fight cancer. The first one I heard of is called “Bens Game” , it was released in 2004, so it’s looking a bit dated now. It is free and is aimed at younger [...]


Turriff Angels – Cancer Support Group in Aberdeenshire

You may not know there is a cancer support group for women in Turriff (I didn’t!)  They are called the “Turriff Angels” and are open to any women, with any type of cancer, whatever stage (whether newly diagnosed or many years after treatment)

They meet on the third thursday of every month, their contact [...]


How big is a cell?


So just how big is a cell?  It’s hard to imagine when you can’t see them, but I’ve recently found two websites that help explain this.  They are both worth a look one is called “Cells Alive” and the other is the Nikon Universcale.

Check them out yourself, Cells Alive has lots of different [...]


What has an antibody got to do with cancer?

Antibodies, a lot of scientists are working on cancer treatments that use antibodies, but just what are they and what do they do?  There are now antibody treatments for several different cancers, in the NHS antibody treatments are most commonly used for breast and bowel cancer.

The two antibody treatments you are most likely [...]


Fund One Specific Cancer Research Project

I came across an interesting new fundraising website this evening, it is produced by Cancer Research UK and is called “My Projects“. It is a new idea and the website is in testing (or “beta” mode).

Basically people can choose to give money to a specific project, so say you wanted the money you [...]


Are there any cancer researchers in Aberdeen?

Are there any cancer research labs or cancer research scientists in Aberdeen?  Yes!  When people think of Cancer Research charities, they tend to think of the large ones like Cancer Research UK and Macmillan, but there are many other charities, that are less well known that also fund vital research. Smaller charities include, the [...]


North East Cancer Charity Grows


UCAN is a charity to support people in the North East of Scotland who have a urological cancer (urological cancers affect your “waterworks” and include bladder cancer, kidney cancer,  prostate cancer and testicular cancer) The charity is growing, this month they have appointed six new staff (you can read more about that on the [...]


Cancer Awareness Ribbons

I’ve been looking into awareness ribbons.  Most people know that a red ribbon is a sign of HIV/AIDS awareness and pink is a sign of breast cancer awareness.  Beyond that it gets confusing, there are coloured ribbons for practically anything you care to mention!

Wikipedia has a list of some of the more common [...]


Cervical Cancer in Scotland

Cervical cancer is a cancer that affects women. It happens when too many cells grow in the opening to the uterus (the uterus is the bit where the babies grow, and the cervix joins the uterus to the vagina).

It is the 12th most common type of cancer in women in Scotland. Roughly 3600 [...]


Cancer Fundraising in Aberdeenshire

Huntly will be hosting a “Relay for Life” to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.  The event runs for 24 hours from noon on Saturday the 27th of June 2015 to noon on Sunday the 28th of June.

It’s not a race!  No running is involved, they are recruiting teams from around the North [...]


HRT and Cancer Risk

This week, many papers have been reporting the story that HRT “doubles your breast cancer risk”.  To find out more about this story, I suggest you visit NHS Choices, there you can read what scientists and doctors think of the study as well as the original research. NHS Choices-HRT Cancer Connection

Different papers have [...]


Teaching School Kids about Cancer


What resources are there for teaching school children about cancer? Quite a few, if you know where to look!  Some people believe that children should not be taught about cancer, but as 1 in 3 people will develop cancer at some point in their lives, it seems obvious that most children will know someone [...]


New cancer research at Aberdeen University

A Microarray

This year, saw the start of a new research trial at Aberdeen University. The scientists are studying gullet (oseophageal) and stomach (gastric) cancer. They are recruiting people from the North East of Scotland.

This research is trying to find out which patients will get a benefit from chemotherapy and which patients [...]


Controlling Cancer Symptoms (including pain and fatigue)

One of the hardest things when dealing with cancer is coping with the symptoms, these can be caused by the cancer or by the treatments.  Macmillan/Cancerbackup produce a range of booklets and information, you can read these online or order a print copy.

Two useful ones are:

1 Controlling the symptoms of cancer