Controlling Cancer Symptoms (including pain and fatigue)

notebook-webOne of the hardest things when dealing with cancer is coping with the symptoms, these can be caused by the cancer or by the treatments.  Macmillan/Cancerbackup produce a range of booklets and information, you can read these online or order a print copy.

Two useful ones are:

1 Controlling the symptoms of cancer

2  Fatigue diary (this is a pdf, you’ll need Adobe acrobat to open it)

There are lots of other downloadable resources on the web, some are American and some are aimed at specific cancers.

The American Cancer Society produces several “worksheets”, these are pdfs that you can download and fill in on a daily basis. You can find it in their “Living with Cancer” section under “Track Side Effects” or click here. A word of warning, the sheets contain every side effect imaginable!  Just because it’s listed doesn’t mean you’ll get it!!  They have worksheets for radiotherapy, chemotherapy, interferon/interleukin therapy and a pain diary.

DIY Planner have a huge website (mostly devoted to “To Do lists”) but you can also find this “Side Effects Journal” in their Health Section. It’s meant for recording side effects from chemo and radiotherapy.

Survivorship A-Z is another website that allows you to create an online  personalised symptom diary, a word of caution with online systems, you need to be sure your information is secure, so if in doubt, stick to pen and paper (at least you know where that is!)

Ovarian Cancer Action produce a “Symptom Diary” I couldn’t find any other diaries for specific types of cancer so if you know of any please leave a comment below.

The best thing is to find something that works for you and that might be as simple as a blank notebook and a nice pen and simply writing one or two sentences a day (as often as you can manage) or a score out of 10. Keep it simple and it will be easier to stick to.

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