North East Cancer Charity Grows

urinary-system-webUCAN is a charity to support people in the North East of Scotland who have a urological cancer (urological cancers affect your “waterworks” and include bladder cancer, kidney cancer,  prostate cancer and testicular cancer) The charity is growing, this month they have appointed six new staff (you can read more about that on the P&J website)

Each year, in Grampian about 100 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer, 60 people are diagnosed with kidney cancer, 200 people are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 20 people are diagnosed with testicular cancer.

UCAN have drop in support centre at Ward 44 of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI), it has been open for a year now. They can also put you in touch with a “buddy“, someone who has had cancer and can understand what you are going through (although they can’t offer medical advice).  They also have an internet forum, where you can leave messages for other people in the North East.

If you know of any other cancer support charities in the Nort East of Scotland/Grampian/Aberdeen City/Aberdeenshire (!). Please feel free to post a comment below.

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