Are there any cancer researchers in Aberdeen?

agar-plateAre there any cancer research labs or cancer research scientists in Aberdeen?  Yes!  When people think of Cancer Research charities, they tend to think of the large ones like Cancer Research UK and Macmillan, but there are many other charities, that are less well known that also fund vital research. Smaller charities include, the World Cancer Research Fund UK, Friends of Anchor and the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR)

Cancer Research UK fund several scientists at Aberdeen University, including  Dr Neil Campbell, who is looking at how bowel cancer survival rates differ between people living in towns and cities and those living in the country. Professor Emad El-Omar is studying stomach cancer and Professor Fiona Gilbert studies breast cancer detection using mammograms.  You can find out more out research at Aberdeen University at their Public Engagement with Science Unit or at the Cancer Medicine Research Programme.

At Robert Gordon University, Dr Giovanna Bermano is studying how selenium in the diet can affect cancers in the gastro-intestinal tract and Dr Paul Kong is developing new anti-cancer drugs. Dr John McCall in the computer science department is developing new algorithms to improve chemotherapy treatments. They also over a distance learning course called “Understanding Cancer” to registered nurses.

To search for a scientist to come and speak at your community group or school then use this database at biology4all.  If you know of any other research groups or labs please let me know below.

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