Computer Games to Fight Cancer?

computers-webIt all sounds a bit sci-fi, but computer game designer are now making computer games, where kids can fly around and fight cancer. The first one I heard of is called “Bens Game” , it was released in 2004, so it’s looking a bit dated now. It is free and is aimed at younger kids (7-14?) You fly around on a microscopic hover board and destroy cancer cells.  You can read an interview with the creators on the how stuff works website here.

A more recent game is Re-Mission launched in 2006, here you are a nanobot working through 20 different levels in a bid to fight cancer.  In the game you can choose your mission. The game is aimed at 13-25 year olds and targets the cancers most commonly found in this age group which includes; brain tumours, ewings sarcoma, acute myleogenous leukeamia, osteosarcoma and Hodgkins disease. The game only works on Windows PC’s (so no XBOX or playstation versions, you can find out more on their Tech Support pages) The game is free and you can download it or order a CD.

In the UK the Royal Marsden have some online games called “The Adventures of Captain Chemo

I also discovered “Uncovering the Mysteries of the Bone Marrow“; “Exploring our Incredibile Blood” and “Spotlight on IV’s” These are all produced by the American Starlight Foundation, who produce a range of information and support for young people facing life threatening illnesses (including cancer).  You can find out more about their programs here.

Other games are available, there is Kidz with Leukemia which costs about $40 USD and Conquering Cancer Network, aimed at 12-18 year olds with a solid tumour, again it costs about $40 USD.

Have you tried any of these games?  What do you think of them? If you know of any other resources, please leave me a comment below. Thanks.

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