Tell the Scottish Government what you think about cancer care in Scotland.

scottish-flag-webThe Scottish government is carrying out a consultation on cancer care in Scotland.  This is your chance to tell the government exactly what you think about cancer care, in Scotland, today.  It also gives you the chance to shape the way services are delivered in the future.

The public consultation started on the 12th of February and will run until Monday the 5th of May, so you have time to make your views known. You can download a pdf of the consultation here. The document contains a feedback form (which starts on page 39 of the pdf), this gives you the chance to write your comments and post them to the Scottish Government.  (or you can email your comments to )

The consultation is divided into different sections and you can comment on:

  1. Prevention
  2. Screening
  3. Diagnosis and Treatment
  4. Palliative Care
  5. Quality of Care
  6. Putting Patients at the Centre (I’m not too sure what this means, educating people to be self supporting?)
  7. Delivery (which includes new cancer drugs)

Not everyone will want to comment, in detail, on all aspects of the report, but if there is an area you feel strongly about, you should comment (using their feedback form).  There are also supposed to be public meetings, but I couldn’t find any dates or times.

To find out more about what the Scottish Government is doing to tackle cancer you can look at the “Cancer” section of their website.

To find out more about previous consultations on cancer (in 2001 and 2004) visit, “Cancer in Scotland” produced by the Scottish executive (although several of the links were not working when I visited the site).

The more accurate a view the government has of the cancer services provided to ordinary people, the better placed they will be to improve them so please do have a look at the document. If you find out the times or places of the public meetings, please post a comment below.


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