I have had an abnormal mammogram. Does that mean I have cancer?

breeast-exam-shower-webNo, there are many reasons for an abnormal mammogram, sometimes mammograms can be hard to read if the breast tissue is dense, sometimes there are calcium deposits in the breast, both of which are very common.

There was a new article on the BBC News website yesterday that explained very nicely, why not all abnormal mammograms are cancer.  The article is called “Are there dangers in breast cancer screening” which was written by Micheal Blastland.  In answer to his question,  I would say that yes, there are dangers in breast cancer screening, but the risks outweigh the benefits.  As he states in his article, 1,400 lives are saved every year. Mammograms may not be perfect but they are better than nothing.

Do you have a view on this?  If so please leave a comment below.


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