Why is science important?

multimedia_0043Why is science important? This website and film is written by a science teacher, looking to answer a  seemingly simple question he was asked by  his pupils, why is science important?

As you will see from the website there is no simple answer, but there are lots of interesting ones! The project is funded by the Wellcome Trust and is collaborative, so if you have an opinion, you can leave your comments for others to read.

There is a film on the website, which has interviews with different people, trainee science teachers, scientists, writers and school pupils. I had to turn HD off to watch it (because it was taking a long time to load)

What does all this have to do with cancer research?  Well, some of the scientists who replied to the question work (or have worked) in cancer research labs. You can read Kat Arney’s answer here.  Science is important because we have effective treatments for some types of  cancer and in the future it will provide treatments for cancers we can’t cure today.

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