Free Access to Nature Research Papers on Cancer

Nature is a scientific magazine, published every week. Most of the magazine is “research articles” written by scientists (to scientists) so it helps if you have a science degree because the papers are highly technical (i.e. you need to look up every third word to find out what it means)

Nature is considered [...]


New Cancer Statistics Released

The NHS Information Services Division have released new statistics on cancer incidence in Scotland.  Incidence means the number of new cases of cancer diagnosed over a specific time (in this case 1985 to 2006).

The statistics are always a couple of years behind, simply because it takes a long time to gather all that [...]


Cell Culture Video on the Web

I used to work in a research lab, when most people imagine a research lab they think about scientists in white coats messing about with glass tubes of brightly coloured liquids. This is not quite right, these days most of the tubes are plastic and the liquids just look like water (they cost a [...]


Are there any “good” cancer statistics?

Yes!  What’s more, things are improving.  Here are some encouraging statistics from Cancer Research UK (also worth reading is their guide to statistics)

1 Three-quarters of people with breast cancer survive for 10 years or more after they’ve been diagnosed.

2 7/10 children with cancer are now successfully treated

3 97% of children with [...]


Radon Gas in Scotland


The Health Protecteion Agency (HPA) have published a new report on the levels of radon, in peoples homes, in Scotland.  Why am I writing about this on a cancer website?  Well radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas (it is not man-made) that leaks out of rocks.  As it is radioactive, it can damage [...]


Cancer in Comic Books?

Cancer in comic books?  Aren’t comic books supposed to be funny?  Well, it depends who you ask. Some people think comics are light entertainment, other people argue that graphic novels are like any other form of writing and can be serious or light hearted.

You might be surprised to learn there are some comic [...]


CRANES – Cancer Research Aberdeen and North Scotland.

I have been writing this blog for over a year now and I am still coming across charities and research I hadn’t heard of. There is a lot of fundraising and cancer research going on in the North-East, but people do seem to be a bit “backward about coming forward” so it is always [...]


Fuel Bills – Hidden Cancer Costs

It is not surprising that most people with cancer stop working during their treatment and have trouble paying their bills.  An article in the P&J highlighted the work of the cancer charity Macmillan. Last year Macmillan awarded £59,700 in financial grants to people in Aberdeenshire, almost three quarters (73%)of those grants were used to [...]


Cancer in Europe -We can cure cancer, some of the time.

Eurocare is a study looking at the number of people who survive cancer in different European countries (view a map here). The 4th part of the study “Eurocare 4″ was published at the end of March.  So what doe we know now that we didn’t know before?  Well it depends who you ask.  Cancer [...]


Local fundraising for Cancer Charities in Aberdeen City and Shire.

The fine weather, seems to have brought out a host of charity fundraising events in the North East of Scotland.

On April 26th 2015 “Babes Only on Bikes, Scotland”, a group of women motorbikers will be biking from Duthie Park in Aberdeen to Ballater. They are raising money for CLAN’s pink ladies, who support [...]


Sunbeds and Cancer

Do sunbeds cause cancer?  Yes.  Would you use one?  No.  Is that all there is to it? Not really, as with most research working out why some people develop cancer and others don’t is never easy.

This week Cancer Research UK released a press release saying that more and more women in their 20′s [...]


Books on Cancer in Huntly Brander Library – Now!

On Saturday the 27th of June 2015, Huntly will host it’s first ever “Relay for Life” to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.  This is a gala style, family event, with lots of fun and entertainment.

As part of the run up to the event, the Brander Library in Huntly have a special display [...]


Cafe Scientifique – Aberdeen

Okay, this is not strictly a cancer post, more of a  science/general interest post. Cafe Scientifique, sounds posh and complicated, but it’s not!  Basically, you go along to a coffee shop/bar, listen to someone talk for a short while and then you get to argue with them!

The speakers are usually scientists,  but it’s [...]


Diet and Cancer – New Degree at Aberdeen University

This post follows on from one I wrote last week about The Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health.  Aberdeen University (which now includes the Rowett, following their merger in July 2014) have announced a new degree in Public Health Nutrition, you can read more about it on the Aberdeen University News website.

The degree [...]