“Cancer Update” Email is a hoax.

envelope-webThere is an email going round called “Cancer Update”.  A couple of people have contacted me because they have received it and want to know if it’s true.  The email is a hoax.  The email is said to have come from “John Hopkins University” but if you go to their web-page you will discover that it is a fraud and has nothing to do with them. You can read the email on the Snopes website

In short, the email says that cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy don’t cure cancer but improving your diet will.  I think that a healthy diet can prevent you getting cancer (some of the time) and I think that if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer then a healthy diet can help you fight the disease, but surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy DO cure cancer. They don’t work all of the time, but they do work for some people and they are the best we have at the moment (and hopefully, with research, we’ll have a lot better treatments in the future)

If you want to know more, visit the kimmelhopkinscancecentre web page (or search for Email Hoax on the Johns Hopkins site.) They go through each point of the email and explain what parts of it are true, what parts haven’t been proven and highlights the research that is being done at the moment.

If you have received any cancer emails and you’re not sure if they are true, please forward them to me and I can investigate.

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