How many men in Grampian get cancer?

How common is cancer? We know that 1 in 3 people will develop cancer at some point in their life’s, what are the numbers for men in Grampian? How do they compare with the rest of Scotland?

The NHS Information Services Division collect this information and analyse the statistics. They produce a report that is updated regularly. You can find lots of information on all types of cancer in the “Cancer in Scotland Summary“. I’ve taken these numbers from two different sources, the April 2015 “Cancer in Scotland Summary” and the “Incidence by Local Council Area“. Be warned, only look at these pages if you like scrolling through pages and pages of Excel spreadsheets…

The ten, most common cancers, in men in Grampian are:

1 Prostate (a gland, at the base of the bladder that produces the fluid for semen)
2 Lung
3 Colorectal (colon and rectum, also known as bowel cancer)
4 Head and Neck
5 Stomach
6 Bladder
7 Oesophagus (the gullet or food pipe that connects the to the stomach)
8 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a cancer of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell)
9 Leukaemia’s
10 Skin (melanoma)

The numbers given below are average annual statistics taken form the years 1998-2002. These numbers are relatively small, so will vary a bit from year to year by chance. This is normal and to be expected, which is why the numbers given are an average of a few years.  It’s reasonable to assume that similar numbers of people will have been diagnosed each year since the statistics were last updated in 2002.

Average Number of Cases of Cancer diagnosed each year, in men, in Grampian (1998-2002)


The graph and table above are a list of the ten most common, so if a cancer is not listed, that means there are fewer than 29 cases diagnosed, in men in Grampian, each year.

How does this compare with Scotland as a whole? The numbers are actually pretty similar.

Ten most common cancers in Scotland Scotland

(No. of Cases)

Ten most common cancers in


Grampian (No. of Cases)
1 Lung 2595 Prostate 232
2 Prostate 2105 Lung 216
3 Colorectal 1826 Colorectal 203
4 Head and Neck 700 Head and Neck 63
5 Bladder 556 Stomach 56
6 Stomach 549 Bladder 53
7 Oesophagus 477 Oesophagus 45
8 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 412 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 39
9 Leukaemia’s 363 Leukaemia’s 33
10 Skin (melanoma) 298 Skin (melanoma) 29

Data from NHS Information Services Division Cancer Incidence by Local Council Area: Annual Average figures from 1998-2002

In Grampian, the most common cancer is prostate cancer, while in Scotland as a whole it is lung cancer, this is probably due to a slightly different number of smokers in Grampian compared to Scotland as a whole. Most people know that smoking increases your risk of lung cancer, but it also increases your risk of mouth, voice box, oesophagus, liver, pancreatic, stomach, kidney and bladder cancer as well as some types of leukaemia.

After prostate, lung and colorectal cancer, the other cancers affect relatively small numbers of people in Grampian so you would expect to see a bit of variation between the figures for Scotland as a whole and the Grampian region.

If you would like more information on any of the cancers listed above a good place to start is Macmillan – Different Types of Cancer or Cancer Research UK – Specific Cancers. You can use the search button on this website to find local resources (in the North East of Scotland) or look at Cancer Services Info provided by CLAN and Gordon Rural Action. If you would like more information on one specific cancer, please feel free to contact me using the contact form or leave a comment below.


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