Understanding Cancer Wordle


A short post tonight,  I am still recovering from the Relay for Life!  I have created a “wordle” for the “News” section of this website.  A wordle is a picture made up of different words that appear in a website (in this case Understanding Cancer, although you could use it for any words, or [...]


Relay for Life Huntly 2015 – Programme of Events

This post is about the Relay for Life, in Huntly happening this weekend, (from noon on Saturday the 27th of June to noon on Sunday the 28th of June 2015). Please come and support the event, it will be a lot of fun.


Programme for Huntly Relay for Life 2015

Saturday 27th June [...]


Cancer screening do you go for your smear test or mammogram?

There have been two articles out this week that discuss why people do (and don’t) go for cancer screening.  Both studies looked at women’s breast cancer and cervical cancer.

In Scotland women are offered a cervical smear test every three years from the age of 20 to 60. In England the tests start at [...]


Understanding Cancer Book

If you like what you read here, you can now order a book of the most popular posts. With full details of the links included at the end of each post.

The book is called “Cancer Information for the North East of Scotland” and includes posts from 2014 to  (June) 2015.  Click on the [...]


Relay for Life – Huntly 2015 – This Weekend!

A reminder that the Huntly “Relay for Life“  event to raise money for Cancer Research UK takes place this coming weekend (Noon on Saturday 27th of June to Noon on Sunday 28th of June 2015).

There are loads of entertainers, muscians, dancers and cowboys (!) taking part.  There are lots of fun activities and [...]


Disappearing Posts

You may have noticed that several of the posts I made last week have disappeared.  I use WordPress to create my website and I tried to upgrade to the newest version (2.8).  A big mistake.  It crashed my entire site, half the plugins I use to create this site won’t work with the new [...]


Will drinking red wine stop you getting cancer?

There have been a few reports out this week that say drinnking red wine is good for you.  Some newspaper articles are even telling you to sip red wine slowly for a maximum effect.  What did I think of these reports?  Well I’m a bit sceptical.  I checked out the NHS Choices Blog for [...]


Cancer in Men

Men are more likely to get cancer than women and men are more likely to die from cancer than women. You can read more about the study on the Cancer Research Science Update blog and the Cancer Research UK Press Release page.

Why is there a difference?  There isn’t a biological reason for this [...]


A Photo Book of Cancer Research

I have written a book!

It is a short, 30 page, photo introduction to cancer research, and best of all you don’t need a biology degree to understand it!

The book shows several years worth of experiments on different types of cancer, it explains what I was looking for and the sort of experiments [...]


Anticancer Therapeutics

Just a quick post, I recently reviewed a book for the Biochemical Society called “Anticancer Therapeutics” by Sotiris Missailidis. You can read the review online, on the Biochemist e-volution website.  The book is very technical, it is about different therapies for treating cancer, a lot of the book is about the different chemotherapy drugs [...]


Cancer Resources in Other Languages

Most of the major cancer charities offer some kind of translation service, so you can get cancer information in a language other than English.

Macmillan (which includes CancerBackup) have Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi speakers on their helpline and they use a translation service to provide information in French, Polish, Turkish, Gujarati, Vietnamese, Greek, Bengali, [...]


Book Printing, Word Documents and PDF’s

My apologies for a lack of posts this week. I have been trying to sort out a couple of books!

I am trying to compile a hard copy book of the most popular blog posts on the site, which involved a lot more work than I had anticipated. First it involved identifying the most [...]