Off on holiday :-)

I am off on holiday for two weeks and will be working on another project for a week after that, so there will be no more blog posts until Monday the 3rd of August 2015.

Some people read these posts via RSS, so when I start writing again the posts will just pop up [...]


Cancer in the developing world

Cancer is not just a problem in Europe or America.  For many people in low and middle income countries (the developing world) there is no treatment or supportive care available. While many problems in low and income countries are related to poor sanitation (dirty water and lack of sewage systems) and malnutrition as these [...]


Microtubule Research

Microtubules, we’ve all got them.  They are working away, right now, inside you as you read this post.  They act like a transport network to move things around inside your cells (a bit like lorries move around the UK on roads).

Microtubules (pronounced micro-chew-beau-ols), the name means “little tubes”

Why are microtubules important?

“Many [...]


Organ Donation

Blood bag IV -WEB

I found an interesting article, published yesterday by the UK NHS Blood and Transplant Service (they organise blood donation services in England and Wales and organ transplant services throughout the UK).  They have published a map showing how many people have signed up to the organ donor register in different areas of the country.



Understanding how cells communicate

A research paper caught my eye this week (this is a geeky post…)  it was published in Nature and shows that something called “TERT” talks to the “WNT” signalling pathway.  You can read more about this on the Nature website “Telomerase link to WNT signalling“  You can read a slightly more reader friendly summary [...]


In the Pipeline – How do you find new drugs?

I’d like to direct you to another blog called “In the Pipeline” hosted by Corante. It is written by a man called Derek Lowe. In the Pipeline is the first blog that I started reading regularly and I’ve been following it for a few years now.

Why do I like it?

It is written [...]


Cancer in Vegetarians

Today’s news reports have focused on a study that says vegetarians get less cancer.  As always, with these studies, things aren’t as clear as that.  You can read the original report, online for free at the British Journal of Cancer “Cancer incidence in British Vegetarians”

The study looked at 60,000 people (this is a [...]