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video-webThis is a follow on post to  “Internet Videos on Cancer” that I wrote in 2014.*

There is a website from the American television channel NBC that has short (often 1-5 minute) videos on a range of health topics.  You can find the NBC Cancer videos at Please note they are very “American”.  There is also a short advert at the start of each video, which isn’t too annoying if you only watch one, but if you click on several they will soon start to get on your nerves.

There are a whole host of videos on the website eMedTV.  They are divided into categories, so you will need to decide which type of cancer you are searching for information on e.g. bone cancer or cervical cancer or lung cancer. If you just want to browse start on the eMedTV cancer channel. Another North American online news channel that I keep an eye on is “Insider Medicine“, they have a good section “If I had…” where they interview doctors and ask the “if you had…” what would you do?

There are also some Cancer Lectures available at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute “Biointeractive“. For information a bit closer to home, the Open University in the UK have some of their videos available online, for example “An Insight into Radiotherapy” This is meant for people who are training in medical physics, a more patient friendly Youtube video is produced by the Irish Cancer Society called “Understanding Radiation Therapy“.

Another website I discovered is ecancertv. There are a range of videos on there, I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Dundee, one of the professors there (David Lane)  discovered p53 which is damaged in over half of all cancers. There is an interview with David Lane discussing the latest treatments aimed at p53 which is well worth a watch (if you only watch one video from this post, watch this one!). My September 2014 post on p53 is here.

If you know of any other good video websites, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks.

*If you want to watch videos on line (even short ones) you’ll need to have broadband (not dial up), your computer needs to be relatively new (roughly about 5 years old, or newer) and you often have to download an additional bit of software like, java or quick time, so you need to have administrator privileges (which you often don’t have if you are using a school or work network).
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