Gordon Brown – Cancer in the UK

The Cancer Research UK website has an “interview” between the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and their Cheif Executive Harpal Kumar. You can read the interview here “PM Gordon Brown speaks exclusively to Cancer Research UK CEO Harpal Kumar“.

I’ve posted it here because I thought that you might be interested to read what Gordon [...]


Book Review - Coping Successfully with Pain

Coping Successfully with Pain. Some cancers are more painful than others, some cancers can be completely cured but you can sometimes be left with side-effects, like chronic pain. This book will help you live and manage your pain.  It is not a magic cure-all but it gives a lot of sensible suggestions.

I like [...]


Help cure cancer using your computer?

How can you help cancer research?  There are lots of ways you can volunteer your time, you can donate money, you can take part in research trials, but here is one you might not have thought of, you can use your computers free memory to help scientists study protein folding.

To do this you [...]


Laboratory Scientists – Cool Links for Researchers

This is a bit of a geeky post, if you are a research scientist here are some links that could make your life easier. Most of them are free (or have a free “basic” version). I haven’t used any of them (yet), but they all look worth a try.

Mendeley – an iTunes for [...]


I have a lump in my breast. Does that mean I have cancer?

Breast Lumps Not Cancer WEB

Are all breast lumps cancer? No. Lumps in your breast are very common and very few of them are caused by breast cancer.

Tumour (Chew-mor) Benign (b-9) Malignant (mal-ig-nan-t)

Tumour -A tumour is a lump of cells, it can be benign or malignant

Benign – A lump of cells that can NOT grow or [...]


Science Videos – Watch a diseased cell die!

I have previously written about “Internet Videos on Cancer” and  “Internet Videos on Cancer-More Videos” (yes, yes, not the most imaginative titles, I know!). One that I don’t think I’ve mentioned is “Apoptosis and Signal Transduction” by WEHI-TV. WEHI is the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne Australia, and they [...]


Are over 55′s getting the message?

The BBC are reporting a survey, carried out by the World Cancer Research Fund called “Over 55s – Less Aware on Cancer“. In the survey, 2,000 people were asked what things increase your risk of cancer.  They were looking for answers like being overweight, not taking regular exercise, drinking alcohol and having a poor [...]


Book Review - Trick or Treatment?

I’ve been meaning to put some more book reviews on this site for ages but I never get around to writing them, hopefully this will be the first of many. If you’ve read any science books lately that you recommend please let me know by leaving a comment below. Here are the links to [...]


Diabetes Drugs and Breast Cancer – What is the connection?

This week I wrote a post on diabetes and breast cancer (September 16th 2015), where I mentioned that the diabetes drug metformin, also known as Glucopahge or Fortamet has been shown to block tumor growth and prolong remission in mice.

I thought I’d write a bit more about this research, it interests me for [...]


Aberdeen Techfest 2015 – Happening Now!

This is just a quick reminder, for those of you in the Aberdeen area, Techfest 2015 is on now. It’s a festival of science and technology in and around Aberdeen.  If you are looking for something to do this weekend (19th-20th September 2015), then there is a family activity weekend down at the Beach [...]


Diabetes and Breast Cancer

Women with diabetes have a slightly higher risk of developing breast cancer than women without diabetes. Most of the studies have looked at people with type 2 diabetes, simply because more people have type 2 diabetes than type 1.  Type 2 diabetes tends to develop as you get older and your are more likely [...]


Does Aberdeen do a “great job” involving people in science?

Prof Lord Robert Winston was in Aberdeen this week, he gave a talk to the “British Science Association” dinner and visited the new Suttie Centre at Foresterhill, which teaches clinical skills, click here to read more about the Suttie Centre/Matthew Hay Project . According to the Press and Journal, Robert Winston thinks we do [...]


Pancreatic Cancer – Alternative diet does NOT make you live longer

Last  month I wrote a short post about pancreatic cancer, where I refered you to a longer post on the Cancer Research UK website.  The post was called “Pancreatic Cancer – Why is it so difficult to treat” I am going to do the same thing again and recommend you read another blog post [...]


Techfest 2015 Starts Today!

If you are in the Aberdeen area,  this is a reminder that Techfest starts today. The first event is tonight (Friday 11th September 2015) in the Beach Ballroom, where Richard Noble will be describing what it’s like to build the world’s fastest car.

Tomorrow (Saturday the 12th September 2015) there is a family show, [...]


Website Updates – WordPress and WordPress Plugins

I am spending a lot of time this week doing rather mundane website maintenance.  I like doing experiments on cells, reading about science and trying to work out what the results really mean. I don’t like maintaining a website! Apart from a compulsory wordprocessing course at university I have never taken a computing class [...]


I have cancer should I have the swine flu vaccine?

If you are having treatment for cancer should you have the H1N1 (swine) flu vaccine?  Short answer. Discuss it with your GP or your consultant.

Long answer, it depends what sort of treatment you are having and what stage your treatment is at. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy can lower your immune system which [...]


Marie Curie Adverts

The nursing charity “Marie Curie Cancer Care” are running a new series of adverts in September. The adverts encourage you to talk to your GP or district nurse if you are terminally ill (dying) from cancer. Marie Curie nurses usually work with people in their last 3 months of life, although there is no [...]


Tesco’s & whole body CT’s – Would you have one?

Tesco’s are in the news today for offering money off whole body CT scans using their clubcard points. The Society of Radiographers thinks it’s bad because there is no evidence that scanning healthy people means they live longer. The company offering the scans, LifeScan, thinks whole body scans are a good idea because such [...]


Book Review - Illustrated Dictionary of Biology

I intend to add a couple more book reviews to the site over the coming weeks. There are lots of books I could review, I just haven’t got around to it (yet!).

I thought I’d start with the “Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Biology“. I like Usborne books, the illustrations are usually superb and [...]


I have cancer. Why did my GP not diagnose it earlier?

Why did my GP not realise I had cancer? A difficult question and one that can often never be fully answered. It is of no comfort to know that hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially if you have had a delayed diagnosis.

Last week the newspapers were full of stories about GP’s missing ovarian [...]


Microscopes in Aberdeenshire!


This is a bit of an odd post, but for those of you who are interested, the Lidl store in Inverurie (in the new retail park) have about 7 microscopes for sale. Yes, that’s right, you can pick up a light microscope along with your cheap German sausages. I don’t know if any other [...]