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Understanding Cancer December 2015

Please let me know if you find this useful, fill in [...]


Merry Christmas

This will be my last post for 2015. I started this site in 2014 and I had 1,720 visitors in my first year, so far this year I have had 12,800, which is pretty amazing!  Hopefully this will continue to grow in 2016.

If you like this website please recommend it to a friend. [...]


Upcoming Events

This post lists some of the upcoming events happening in Aberdeen City/Aberdeenshire in 2016, including talks and lectures, fundraisers and professional classes and courses.


This events list is loosely based on a scientific/medical theme.  If you would like to add an event to this list, please use the contact form to get in [...]


Dates for your Diary - 2016

If you are in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire and you are interested in Science/Medical topics here are a few dates for your diary.  In 2016 there will be THREE cafe scientifique’s running, in Union Street, Foresterhill and Banchory (Woodend Barn).

These events are free (or by donation) and are open to anyone, the speaker will give a [...]


Can a CT scan give you cancer?

Can a CT scan give you cancer?  Yes, occasionally. A research study published on the 14th of December 2015  looked at whether CT scans increase your risk of cancer, this was covered in the Press and Journal “CT scans may increase risk of cancer“.  CT scans (also known as CAT scans) use X-rays (a [...]


MRI Scans at ARI

Some of the first MRI scans in the world were carried out at Aberdeen University,the first patient was scanned in 1980. Aberdeen University continues to research and develop MRI technology. If you are interested, you can read about the technical details of the scanners at Foresterhill on the Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre website.

BUPA [...]


VEGF – How can we stop the blood supply to cancer cells?

I haven’t written about VEGF before, not because it’s not important, it is, in fact VEGF has been shown to be important in a whole range of solid (i.e. lump forming) tumours, these include:

Bladder Breast Cervical Colorectal (bowel) Esophageal (food pipe) Glioblastoma multiforme (brain tumour) Head and neck cancer Lung cancer Ovarian cancer [...]


We can afford to pay bankers but not scientists?

This is a politics rant about cuts to the science and education budgets. One of the advantages of having your own website and working for yourself is that you can write what you like, please indulge me, I am about to have a rant…

Obviously, I am a scientist and have spent most of [...]


Microscopes at Lidl from 17th December 2015

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know I bought a microscope in August 2015. I got it on offer, in Lidl for £50.  Well, this post is to let you know that the microscopes are back in stock and should be available from the 17th December 2015. You [...]


Candles of Hope - WCRF

The charity World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) are promoting their annual “Candles of Hope“  appeal. As part of this, 30 cathedrals across the UK will hold a memorial service for those who have been lost to cancer on Christmas Eve.  The cathedrals will also burn a memorial candle from Christams Eve until the twelth [...]


Does loneliness cause cancer?

Yes, if you are a genetically in bred rat. If you are not? Well the jury is still out.  This story was widely reported in the Times, The Daily Mail and the BBC News website (among others).  As usual, the best place to find out more is the NHS Choices website “Can loneliness cause [...]


Are you a student? Do you want to work in a lab over the summer holidays?

Are you a student? Do you want to work in a research laboratory in the summer of 2016? If so you need to start planning it now. If you are doing an undergraduate (first) degree in a biological/biomedical science then you can apply for money to work in a laboratory over the summer (a [...]


Christmas Carol Concerts 2015

If you are local to Aberdeen you probably know that the staff of NHS Grampian put on a Christmas Carol Concert every year (the one in Aberdeen has been going for 22 years).  The concert raises funds for the children’s cancer charity CLIC Saergent.  The concerts usually sell out, so if you would like [...]


RSC – Centenary Lectureship 2015

The Royal Society Centenary Lectures are now underway.  This year they are being given by Professor John Katzenellenbogen from the University of Illinois at Urbana, U.S.A.  The lecture tour started off today, at the Open University in Milton Keynes.  The lecture tour includes Nottingham, Leeds, York and Southampton. He will speak at St Andrews [...]


Medical Information for Kids

A short post tonight, but I want to link to a website called ““, they provide information in graphic novels (comic books) about medical conditions, both  conditions that affect children or may affect people in their family.

The whole medikidz website is worth exploring, there is a virtual hospital and an explanation of common [...]