Microscopes at Lidl from 17th December 2015

microscope-webIf you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know I bought a microscope in August 2015. I got it on offer, in Lidl for £50.  Well, this post is to let you know that the microscopes are back in stock and should be available from the 17th December 2015. You can read my review of the Lidl microscope in “Microscopes in Aberdeenshire“, which includes some pictures I’ve taken, so you can judge for yourself if you think it’s worth the money (the kit also contains a digital camera).

You can read more on the Lidl website here. (these offers don’t last long, so the link will only work for a week or two). They will be available from the 17th December 2015. I got my microscope in Inverurie, but I imagine they will be available all over the UK, there is a post code search, so you should be able to find a store near you. Lidl seem to offer these every year, round about Christmas time, so if you are stuck for a Christmas present, you could make a scientist very happy…

Do you have a Lidl microscope?  What do you think of it?


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