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This is a geeky post aimed at the scientists, the journal “Cell” is trying out a new way of showing scientific articles online and (in my opinion), it looks great. Normally you have to pay a lot of money to read Cell (an online only individual subscription for one year costs about £180). For the next 60 days (well I guess about 50 now) you can access Cell online for free. If you click on the homepage you can read about their new format for displaying scientific papers online.

There are papers on a wide selection of topics (the cytoskeleton, autoimmunity and cancer) I suppose they are trying to appeal to as wide a readership as possible, one paper that I read in depth was the one about how cancer cells use the fats we eat, (Monoacyclglycerol Lipase regulates a fatty acid network that promotes cancer pathogenesis) it’s technical and even though I used to work in the field it will take me a few hours to get my head round it. As part of the new format they also embed a YouTube video where 2 of the authors talk about the work. It’s only a 5 minute video but it would probably take me about 5 hours to write a layperson translation of what they say. One of my favourite bloggers (Derek Lowe at In the Pipeline) has already written a post on the paper called MAGL A New Cancer Target.

Another new feature of layout is the graphical abstract on the top right hand side, where each paper is summarised by a diagram. I love this! I learn a lot visually (you can take a VARK questionnaire to learn how you learn best) and so I like the idea of using a picture to sum up a paper.

If you are curious have a look at the new Cell format and if you want to let me know your opinion please leave a comment below, thanks.

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