Not cancer, but science… Diabetes Talk and Healthy Eating

As the title says, this isn’t about cancer but it is about science, on Monday the 15th of February, there will be a talk at Foresterhill about diabetes, over 22, 000 people in Grampian have diabetes so this will probably be of interest to a lot of people.  The talk is open to anyone and is in the new Suttie Centre, it runs from 6-8pm. The Suttie Centre is a building between the main door for ARI and the Institute for Medical Sciences, the postcode is AB25 2ZD if you are trying to find it by satnav. You can find a map and more details of the other Cafe Med talks on this leaflet.

Another local project is “Better by Miles“, which is launched by the Rowett today, it’s aim is to get kids to think about the food on their plate and how far it has travelled.  It’s aimed at children from 7 years and up.

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