Breast Cancer and Exposure to Chemicals at Work

There have been several news reports about how exposure to certain chemicals at work, before you are 36, increases your chances of getting breast cancer when you are older.  There is a video summary of this research at Insider Medicine, called “Work exposure to certain chemicals increases breast cancer risk“  You can also read a short review at Science News Daily called  “Chemical exposure before mid thirties may be critical in breast cancer development

What chemicals are causing the problem, the research looked at acrylic fibres, nylon fibres and  polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum.  You can read the abstract for the article at Occupational and Environmental Medicine “Post menopausal breast cancer and occupational exposures” although you have to pay to read the full article.

This research serves as a reminder, if you use chemicals at work, make sure you follow the proper procedures as you could be affecting your health years down the line.

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