Beautiful Minds - New TV Series BBC 4

The BBC are running a series of programs as part of their “World of Wonder“, focusing on science.  There is a new, three part series starting on BBC4 tonight called “Beautiful Minds“.  The (short) series focuses on three UK scientists and shows how their scientific discoveries  changed how we think about science.  The first program is about Prof Jocelyn Bell Burnell, a physicist who discovered pulsars. The BBC4 site, also has a list of links if you want to follow up any information in the program.

Her story is interesting for several reasons, she is a graduate of Glasgow University and discovered pulsars while working as a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. Her supervisors were awarded the Nobel Prize for her discovery, but she was not.  Since then she has worked at the University of Southampton,  University College London and The Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.  She has also worked for the Open University. As well as being scientist Jocelyn Bell is a Quaker, so I’m looking forward to her observations on the role of science and religion.

The program will be available on iplayer and is repeated several times, on BBC until the 12th of April 2016, so hopefully you’ll be able to catch it.

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