Are you likely to have a scientist as an MP?

In the run up to the UK election, I thought it was worth posting this link from the Times, Are you likely to have a scientist as an MP? Short answer. No.  Only one candidate standing in this years election is an  active research scientist and perhaps not surpringly, they are in Cambridge.  In the last parliment only 27/650 members had a science degree.

Ben Goldacre has an interesting post about cancer stories and the election in a post called “Evidence Based Voting” which is worth a read. Apparently the Daily Mail had a story about 15 cancer drugs that had been rejected by NICE, when in fact 10 of them HAVE been approved.  All this does make you wonder about what you read in the papers.

The chances are, whoever gets in, will make large cuts to the science budget.  Of course you could always vote for the science party

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