Researchers in Residence 2016

Researchers in Residence is a scheme that matches up PhD research students posdocs and schools.  The scientist usually spends a week with a school and can lead demonstrations, class discussions, talks about university life etc.  I took part in the scheme when I was a student and throughly enjoyed it.  They are looking for both schools and researchers to take part.  If you’ve any questions about the scheme, ask me, or get in touch with the people mentioned below.



For school teachers

Do you want to engage and motivate your students? Make links with your local university? Provide your students with a young role model – one who is actively engaged in learning themselves? Get your students thinking seriously about careers in science, technology, engineering or maths?

Of course you do! Researchers in Residence can help you do all of this with minimal effort on your part. Researchers in Residence is a school placement scheme that places PhD and post-doc researchers for up to 24 hours of student contact time. The scheme is open to schools right across the UK and is completely free of charge.

Projects can be tailored to suit your needs; for example, targeting gifted and talented students, students doing coursework or National Science and Engineering Week (which is next March). Placements can be flexible, but will often include practical classroom activities, after-school club projects, lunchtime talks, careers advice or support for small groups.

Over 300 placements were organised in schools across the country in 2014/9. The feedback from teachers and their pupils was overwhelmingly positive. If you’ve never tried Researchers in Residence and want to find out more, or if you’ve done it before and want to try it again, register online at or call 0845 365 7470.

We can provide Researchers in Residence banners if you would like to add a Researchers in Residence link to your website. Leaflets for schools are available from: Anthony Hardwicke, Head of Curriculum Development, Association of Science Education, College Lane, Hatfield, Herts AL10 9AA Phone: 01707 288521

Register online at

For research students or postdocs (funded by the BBSRC, Wellcome Trust etc)

Researchers in Residence (RinR) places enthusiastic early-stage career researchers (PhD and post doc researchers) in host secondary schools to inspire 11-19 year olds about their work.

Participation helps researchers to develop transferable skills and meets funders’ public engagement expectations. Placements are flexible and may comprise demonstrations, discussions, career talks or university visits. Training is provided and researchers funded directly or indirectly by one of the seven UK Research Councils or the Wellcome Trust are eligible to apply.

To apply or find out more call 0845 365 7470 or visit

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