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I’ve come across a few good science links lately, if you know of any more feel free to leave a comment below.

Naturally Obsessed – The Making of a Scientist.

This is a one hour documentary about how scientific research works. It follows 3 people in the lab of Dr Lawrence Shapiro in New York.  It’s a one hour documentary, so make sure you’ve enough time to watch it.  It’s a really realistic view of what a career in science is like.  This laboratory is looking at the protein AMPK, which is linked to fat metabolism, obesity and diabetes.  It’s also possible that AMPK is involved in the growth and survival of some types of cancer cells.  The lab in the video is trying to find out the shape (structure) of AMPK.  AMPK was discovered in Grahame Hardies lab in Dundee, and they are currently researching its role in cancer.

Bioconference Live

Bioconference, is as the name suggests a biology conference, this one is totally online. It runs on the 2nd and 3rd 0f June.  There are a couple of interesting talks Lessons from the Neighbourhood – Understanding how cancer stem cells are regulated by their microenvironment by Justin Lathia and a Personalised Approach to Cancer Biomarker Discovery by Josip Blonder.

Scisurfer does for journal articles what an RSS reader does for blogs.  So, if you read a lot of blogs, instead of remembring to click on this News page everyday, you can use an RSS reader (I like Blogbridges or Sage for firefox, lots of people use Googlereader)  these readers will tell you when a blog has been updated. Scisurfer does a similar thing but with journal articles.  You can log into scisurfer using a googlemail account, so you don’t need a separate username and password.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

I didn’t know about this website until today, I read an interesting biography of Dorothy Hodgkin, who was the first person to work out the structure of insulin.

I also enjoyed this post on Judgement Day on Nature Network, if the Naturally Obsessed film has got you thinking about what life is really like in a science research lab, then this post sums up a pretty average day for most scientists. Writing grants, reviewing grants, writing papers and reviewing papers.

That’s the interesting science links I’ve been reading this week and if you know of any more feel free to leave a comment.


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