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My apologies for the lack of posts, I am helping to organise a Relay for Life in Huntly and that is taking up most of my “free” time.  If you are in the North East of Scotland, do come along to the Relay it’s on the 3rd-4th of July 2016 in the School Playing Fields from 12 noon on the saturday until noon on the sunday.  More details will follow…

Anyway, I’ve come across lots of interesting things, I just haven’t had time to write blog posts about them, so I’ll give you the links and if you can read more if they interest you too.

Firstly Malcolm Gladwells article from the New York Times explaining Why is it so difficult to develop drugs for cancer?, this article is now freely available on Gladwell’s website, its long but informative (you can download a pdf if you find that easier to read/print).

There is another long but interesting post on Science Based Medicine called  Certainty versus knowledge in medicine, it raises an interesting point if people think that science is always changing eventually they give up believeing in science at all.

Another study has shown tha the cancer information on Wikipedia is no less accurate than on professional peer-reviewed websites. Although, I can’t help thinking that’s because the people who write on wikipedia probably get their information from the same professionally peer-reviewed websites!

I used to work on IGF-1 so I was interested in this press release from Cancer Research UK showing that women with higher levels of IGF-1 are more likely to develop breast cancer. About 60% of your IGF-1 levels are determined by your genes and about 40% can be altered by what you eat so this study is obviously going to need further research.

Hopefully when I have a bit more time I’ll write about these topics in more depth.  I also want to update the Events calendar on the homepage, so if you know of any events coming up please send me an email.  Thanks.


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