Open University Course on Cancer

As I’m on maternity leve I thought I’d post up a link to the competition (!), if you are looking for a course on cancer then you can do one called “Understanding Cancer” through the Open University.

This is a Level 1 course so you need to have a reasonable level of English (a Standard Grade or GCSE would be fine).  It’s not a cheap course, I’ve taught on several OU courses (although not this one) and they are excellent.  You can complete an online quiz to see if you are ready for university level study:

The Open University also offer some more general courses, some of which start in 2016.  You do need a computer, although if you are reading this blog I assume you have one!

Understanding Health

Understanding Human Nutrition

Human Genetics and Health Issues

The Open University also offer courses on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autism.  A full list of courses can be found here. They can send you a book of all their courses (including the advanced postgraduate ones), more information is here. Have you taken an OU course?  What did you think?


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