Online Cancer Textbooks & Statistics Information

So many things to blog about, so little time!  I’ve found some good (free) resources for biology teaching.  Firstly there is the “Cancer Biology – Open Educational Resource“.  It is an online module produced in conjunction with the University of Bath, there is all sorts of good stuff there, online tutorials on apoptosis and [...]


The James Lind Library – Fair tests of medical treatments

I think this post is important, I’m going to write about The James Lind library and a book that is freely available for download called “Testing Treatments – Better Research for Better Healthcare“. I think everybody should read this book. It is 100 pages long and it is free to download, the download version [...]


Can positive thinking cure cancer?

Can positive thinking cure cancer? Personally I don’t think so. That’s not to say that attitude is not important, but the idea that it’s “your fault” if your cancer can’t be cured has no scientific basis. Some of the treatments we have now can cure some types of cancer sadly, not all treatments cure [...]


Books on cancer, health and disease

This post is inspired by the announcment of the winner of the first Wellcome Trust Book prize.  The prize is awarded to outstanding works on the theme of health and medicine.  Both fiction and non-fiction books are eligible.  This year the winner is Keeper by Andrea Gillies, it is a non fiction book [...]


Book Review - Coping Successfully with Pain

Coping Successfully with Pain. Some cancers are more painful than others, some cancers can be completely cured but you can sometimes be left with side-effects, like chronic pain. This book will help you live and manage your pain.  It is not a magic cure-all but it gives a lot of sensible suggestions.

I like [...]


Book Review - Trick or Treatment?

I’ve been meaning to put some more book reviews on this site for ages but I never get around to writing them, hopefully this will be the first of many. If you’ve read any science books lately that you recommend please let me know by leaving a comment below. Here are the links to [...]


Book Review - Illustrated Dictionary of Biology

I intend to add a couple more book reviews to the site over the coming weeks. There are lots of books I could review, I just haven’t got around to it (yet!).

I thought I’d start with the “Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Biology“. I like Usborne books, the illustrations are usually superb and [...]


What can I do to help?

Apologies for the lack of posts, I’ve moved house and office in the past month so keeping up with the website fell to the bottom of my “to do” list.

I’ve just finished reading “What can I do to help” written by Deborah Hutton, with the profits going to support Macmillan Cancer Relief. It’s [...]