Beautiful Minds - New TV Series BBC 4

The BBC are running a series of programs as part of their “World of Wonder“, focusing on science.  There is a new, three part series starting on BBC4 tonight called “Beautiful Minds“.  The (short) series focuses on three UK scientists and shows how their scientific discoveries  changed how we think about science.  The first [...]


A summer placement with a difference – Naked Scientists

If you can afford to spend the summer of 2016 in Cambridge and you are interested in science communication you might like to apply to join the Naked Scientists. For more details read on…

Even if you don’t want to work in Cambridge you can still listen to the podcasts, visit their website to [...]


Medical Information for Kids

A short post tonight, but I want to link to a website called ““, they provide information in graphic novels (comic books) about medical conditions, both  conditions that affect children or may affect people in their family.

The whole medikidz website is worth exploring, there is a virtual hospital and an explanation of common [...]


Amateur Scientists and Open Source Biology

This is another geeky post. I’ve come across a couple of links discussing “do-it-yourself research”. As yesterdays post just discussed, modern medical research is extremely expensive, so how on earth could you do it yourself? Some people are trying to make science cheaper and more accessible so anyone can do it.

What’s all this [...]


Help cure cancer using your computer?

How can you help cancer research?  There are lots of ways you can volunteer your time, you can donate money, you can take part in research trials, but here is one you might not have thought of, you can use your computers free memory to help scientists study protein folding.

To do this you [...]


Website Updates – WordPress and WordPress Plugins

I am spending a lot of time this week doing rather mundane website maintenance.  I like doing experiments on cells, reading about science and trying to work out what the results really mean. I don’t like maintaining a website! Apart from a compulsory wordprocessing course at university I have never taken a computing class [...]


New BBC TV Series -”The Cell”

I don’t know how I missed this, I don’t watch a lot of TV (and most of what I do watch is Cbeebies, but that’s another story…) The BBC are airing a new, short (3 episode!) series called “The Cell“.  It is about the scientific attempt to study the building blocks of life, in [...]


Internet Videos on Cancer – More Videos

This is a follow on post to  “Internet Videos on Cancer” that I wrote in 2014.*

There is a website from the American television channel NBC that has short (often 1-5 minute) videos on a range of health topics.  You can find the NBC Cancer videos at Please note they are very “American”.  [...]