Prescription Charges fall to £3 on the 1st of April 2016

Prescription charges in Scotland will fall to £3 from tomorrow (the 1st of April 2016).  If you live in Wales or Northern Ireland then prescriptions are already free.  It is planned to phase out prescription charges in Scotland by 2011.  If you live in England you still have to pay £7.20.

Not everyone in [...]


How clean is Aberdeen Royal Infirmary?

This is a follow up to a post I wrote in November 2015 (called How to complain about the NHS), in October 2015 several wards at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary were inspected and found to be dirty, with poor procedures for infection control, hand washing, waste disposal etc (you can read the details in my [...]


Scottish Health Council

Apparently there is a “Scottish Health Council“, I hadn’t heard of them until last week. The Council is part of the NHS Quality Improvement Scotland and it is their job to evaluate how well NHS boards are taking account of people’s views.  They produce a Newsletter three times a year, this is available in [...]


Scottish Health Statistics – Figures for 2014

Last week the Scottish Government released statistics on premature death, these focused on coronary heart disease (which includes heart attacks), stroke and cancer. The population of Scotland is about 5 million,the estimated population for 2014 is 5, 168, 500.

In Scotland, 2014 there were:

8,841 deaths from coronary heart disease (CHD).

5,367 [...]