Anti-Angiogenesis - Stopping the blood supp

There is a recent TED talk discussing how eating certain foods can prevent tumours from attracting a blood supply and growing.  As with many things in science, the reality is not that simple, thousands of labs all over the world are working on treatments that aim to stop tumours attracting their own blood supply [...]


Science Links

I’ve come across a few good science links lately, if you know of any more feel free to leave a comment below.

Naturally Obsessed – The Making of a Scientist.

This is a one hour documentary about how scientific research works. It follows 3 people in the lab of Dr Lawrence Shapiro in New [...]


Cancer Research - Highlights and Opportunities

I’d like to draw your attention to a video on YouTube about cancer research. It is produced by the American Association of Cancer Research and it is in part, an advert for the American Association of Cancer Research and (the US) National Cancer Institute. Most of the statistics relate to research in America, however, [...]


Beautiful Minds - New TV Series BBC 4

The BBC are running a series of programs as part of their “World of Wonder“, focusing on science.  There is a new, three part series starting on BBC4 tonight called “Beautiful Minds“.  The (short) series focuses on three UK scientists and shows how their scientific discoveries  changed how we think about science.  The first [...]


Cancer Resesarch UK Videos

Cancer Research UK have produced 4 short videos about detecting cancer early.  The videos are each 5 minutes long and discuss breast cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer and mouth cancer.

Obviously there are lots of other types of cancer and there are also links to early signs and symptoms of other types of cancer.  [...]


A summer placement with a difference – Naked Scientists

If you can afford to spend the summer of 2016 in Cambridge and you are interested in science communication you might like to apply to join the Naked Scientists. For more details read on…

Even if you don’t want to work in Cambridge you can still listen to the podcasts, visit their website to [...]


Watch a video showing a neutrophil destroying a germ

Everybody has white blood cells inside them, these white blood cells help us fight off infection and keep us healthy. In a drop of blood about this size • you have roughly 6,000 neutrophils.  Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell. For more information on this topic  see my post “What is a [...]


BBC TV Series - The Scots who made the Modern World

This is more of a medical post than a cancer one, but tonight (Tuesday 20th October 2015), there is a new three part mini-series on BBC2 Scotland called “The Scots who made the Modern World“. It starts at 9pm and the first episode features medicine and looks at early work on malaria and tuberculosis, [...]


Science Videos – Watch a diseased cell die!

I have previously written about “Internet Videos on Cancer” and  “Internet Videos on Cancer-More Videos” (yes, yes, not the most imaginative titles, I know!). One that I don’t think I’ve mentioned is “Apoptosis and Signal Transduction” by WEHI-TV. WEHI is the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne Australia, and they [...]