Classes and Courses


We offer three different types of classes and courses for the general public, you don’t need to know any biology to take one of these courses and you don’t need to be medically qualified.

Anyone can take these courses, you don’t have to have (or have had) cancer to come along. Anyone with an interest is welcome.

Yellow Button Evening Classes

We run an evening course, it runs once a week for 10 weeks. This is a good course to take if you want to become more familiar with the terms used by doctors to describe cancer. We will also spend time discussing recent news stories and by the end of the course you’ll be a lot better placed cast a critical eye over news reports about cancer cures.

This is a general course, so we won’t spend much time speaking about specific types of cancer, so if you want to learn a lot about one type of cancer (e.g. leukaemia, breast cancer, or bowel cancer) a one to one session is probably more useful.

Evening classes need at least 6 participants to run, if you would like an evening class to run in your area, please contact us.

One Day Courses

We also run a one day intensive course. Like our evening class this is a general introduction to cancer, so, if you want to know more about one particular type of cancer then you might be better to book a private, one to one session.

These courses cover the same information as the evening class, in less time! So it is a lot to take in, in one day. It’s a good class to take, if you can’t make it to an evening class or you want to get up to speed on cancer “language” in a short space of time.

To learn more about our one day courses click here

One to One Session

These are private sessions, where everything discussed is kept confidential. They are ideal for finding out a lot of detail on one specific type of cancer, or a specific treatment. The advantage of this session is you can contact us in advance and let us know what you want to find out.

Our most popular session is a “guided internet session”. This means you tell me what treatment or cancer you want to learn more about and I can guide you to trustworthy and reputable websites. We can then print off any relevant information, for you to take home and read in your own time. We can also create a list of websites in Word, Works or Notepad so you can open them on your own computer at home. However one of the advantages of using my computer is your privacy, no one else need know what you are searching for.

To find out more about our one to one sessions click here