Questions about our classess and Courses

Where are you?

We are in Huntly, Aberdeenshire in North-East Scotland.

Are you a Doctor?

No, I’m not a medical doctor, I’m a scientist. I cannot give medical advice. That means I can’t help you decide what treatments you should have but I can help you understand how a particular drug works.

What qualifications have you got?

I have a degree in Biochemistry. I studied at the University of Dundee for four years and earned my Bachelor of Science (BSc (Hons)). I then worked in a lab at the University of Aberdeen for another three years to get my doctorate (PhD) in Cell Biology. I also have an adult teaching qualification, a post-graduate certificate of education (PGCE), which is helpful when you are running evening classes and courses!

What did you do after you graduated?

I went to work at the University of the West of England, in Bristol. My project was funded by the Association for International Cancer Research (you can visit their website here) and I was investigating the kidney cancer Wilm’s tumour and a specific type of leukaemia. I then moved to the University of Bristol to work on a project funded by the American Institute for Cancer Research (the AICR website is here). I was looking at how fats in the diet affect breast cancer cells.

Where are your courses and classes held?

All our evening classes are held in Huntly, Aberdeenshire in North East Scotland. The evening courses are usually held in the meeting room of the Brander Library. For directions click here. The meeting room in the Brander Library is halfway up the stairs on right hand side. There is a ramped entrance to the front door and a stair-lift is available.

Our 1 day intensive courses are usually held at the Castle Hotel Huntly. Further information and directions can be found on their website.

Our CPD for GP’s is available on-site, in your medical practice, contact us for more details.

Can you recommend any books on cancer?

For both the evening classes and the one day intensive courses I use a book called “Understanding Cancer” by Dr Gareth Rees. It is published by Family Doctor Publications Limited in association with the British Medical Association. ISBN 1 898205 51 5 You can get more information by calling 01292 668330 or from their website www.familydoctor.co.uk

I also have book reviews on this website.

How do I pay?

At the moment we only accept cash or cheques (due to the cost of processcing credit and debit card payment). Cheques can be made to ICCH.

Evening Classes

Please pay for the full 10 week course on your first class

Please note, refunds can’t be given, even if you can’t attend all 10 weeks. The fee secures your place in the class as well as the tution, that means once you’ve registered the place is yours and can’t be given to anyone else.

One to One Tutorials

Please pay at the start of the session.

One Day Courses

Please secure your place with a £25 non returnable booking fee, the remainder of the fee can be paid on the day of the course itself.

Professional Training

One to one tutorials can be paid for at the start of the tutorial.

On-site training for GP practices and cancer support charities will be invoiced