Professional Training

We offer three different types of professional training. These courses are primarily aimed at general practitioners or those undertaking medical training. A basic background in cell biology is necessary to benefit from these courses. We also offer training for those working for cancer support charities (whether as a volunteer or in paid employment)

Courses for GPs

Our courses for GPs are focused on the latest laboratory based advances in cancer research and aim to provide GPs with a wider understanding of the cutting edge techniques being developed to diagnose and treat cancer, with an emphasis on patient care. To find out more about our courses for GPs click here

Courses for Medical Students (MBChB, Intercalated B.Sc or PhD)

These courses are highly specialised and aimed at students who are undertaking a laboratory based research project as part of their medical training. Due to the nature of research, they can be customised to suit the project and focus very much on the practical side of lab work. To find out more about our courses for medical students click here

Courses for Cancer Support Charities

People working for cancer support charities often have an interest in, but no formal qualifications in science. Our short courses can help bridge this gap by providing an introduction to the biology often reported in the news. A basic understanding of cancer and cancer treatment is needed to get the most out of this course. To find out more about our courses for cancer support charities click here