Beautiful Minds - New TV Series BBC 4

The BBC are running a series of programs as part of their “World of Wonder“, focusing on science.  There is a new, three part series starting on BBC4 tonight called “Beautiful Minds“.  The (short) series focuses on three UK scientists and shows how their scientific discoveries  changed how we think about science.  The first [...]


BBC Journalism College

This post may be of more interest to me than you!  The BBC has made publically available their internal journalism training website and it’s an absolute goldmine!

As I write about science on a daily basis this looks like a fantastic resource. Why?

Well for a start, healthcare in Scotland is devolved, so some [...]


BBC TV Series - The Scots who made the Modern World

This is more of a medical post than a cancer one, but tonight (Tuesday 20th October 2015), there is a new three part mini-series on BBC2 Scotland called “The Scots who made the Modern World“. It starts at 9pm and the first episode features medicine and looks at early work on malaria and tuberculosis, [...]


New BBC TV Series -”The Cell”

I don’t know how I missed this, I don’t watch a lot of TV (and most of what I do watch is Cbeebies, but that’s another story…) The BBC are airing a new, short (3 episode!) series called “The Cell“.  It is about the scientific attempt to study the building blocks of life, in [...]