Online Cancer Textbooks & Statistics Information

So many things to blog about, so little time!  I’ve found some good (free) resources for biology teaching.  Firstly there is the “Cancer Biology – Open Educational Resource“.  It is an online module produced in conjunction with the University of Bath, there is all sorts of good stuff there, online tutorials on apoptosis and [...]


The James Lind Library – Fair tests of medical treatments

I think this post is important, I’m going to write about The James Lind library and a book that is freely available for download called “Testing Treatments – Better Research for Better Healthcare“. I think everybody should read this book. It is 100 pages long and it is free to download, the download version [...]


Books on cancer, health and disease

This post is inspired by the announcment of the winner of the first Wellcome Trust Book prize.  The prize is awarded to outstanding works on the theme of health and medicine.  Both fiction and non-fiction books are eligible.  This year the winner is Keeper by Andrea Gillies, it is a non fiction book [...]


Book Review - Coping Successfully with Pain

Coping Successfully with Pain. Some cancers are more painful than others, some cancers can be completely cured but you can sometimes be left with side-effects, like chronic pain. This book will help you live and manage your pain.  It is not a magic cure-all but it gives a lot of sensible suggestions.

I like [...]


Understanding Cancer Book

If you like what you read here, you can now order a book of the most popular posts. With full details of the links included at the end of each post.

The book is called “Cancer Information for the North East of Scotland” and includes posts from 2014 to  (June) 2015.  Click on the [...]


A Photo Book of Cancer Research

I have written a book!

It is a short, 30 page, photo introduction to cancer research, and best of all you don’t need a biology degree to understand it!

The book shows several years worth of experiments on different types of cancer, it explains what I was looking for and the sort of experiments [...]


Anticancer Therapeutics

Just a quick post, I recently reviewed a book for the Biochemical Society called “Anticancer Therapeutics” by Sotiris Missailidis. You can read the review online, on the Biochemist e-volution website.  The book is very technical, it is about different therapies for treating cancer, a lot of the book is about the different chemotherapy drugs [...]


Book Printing, Word Documents and PDF’s

My apologies for a lack of posts this week. I have been trying to sort out a couple of books!

I am trying to compile a hard copy book of the most popular blog posts on the site, which involved a lot more work than I had anticipated. First it involved identifying the most [...]