Local Research – Preventing Bowel Cancer

Well, almost local, researchers at the University of Dundee have been awarded £1 million pounds to help bowel cancer patients “BeWELL”.  BeWELL is a project to help overweight people reduce their risk of bowel cancer by improving their diet and increasing their physical activity. Professor Annie Anderson, one of the leaders of the study [...]


Do you know a sign or symptom of cancer?

Yesterday Cancer Research UK published a survey of 4,000 people that showed that 1/7 people didn’t know one sign or symptom of cancer. This seems a little hard to believe, you would think that most people realise a lump could be a sign of cancer.  However people weren’t given a list to choose from [...]


How many women in Grampian get diagnosed with colorectal cancer?

How many people in the North East of Scotland get diagnosed with colorectal (also known as bowel cancer or colon cancer) cancer every year?

The NHS Information Services Division collect this information and analyse the statistics. They produce a report that is updated regularly. You can find lots of information on all types of [...]