CRUK Survey 2016

Cancer Research UK carry out a survey every year to see how much people know about both cancer prevention and cancer screening and the work of the charity itself.  I received a paper copy of the survey in the post this morning, but you can save a stamp and complete it online.  You will [...]


Cancer Resesarch UK Videos

Cancer Research UK have produced 4 short videos about detecting cancer early.  The videos are each 5 minutes long and discuss breast cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer and mouth cancer.

Obviously there are lots of other types of cancer and there are also links to early signs and symptoms of other types of cancer.  [...]


Cancer Research UK Gift Shop

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m busy with other work right now (the sort of work that pays the bills!). So today’s offering is a link to the Cancer Research UK gift shop. They have some special offers for valentines day, So if you want a heartshaped mug and you want to feel [...]


BBC Journalism College

This post may be of more interest to me than you!  The BBC has made publically available their internal journalism training website and it’s an absolute goldmine!

As I write about science on a daily basis this looks like a fantastic resource. Why?

Well for a start, healthcare in Scotland is devolved, so some [...]


Books on cancer, health and disease

This post is inspired by the announcment of the winner of the first Wellcome Trust Book prize.  The prize is awarded to outstanding works on the theme of health and medicine.  Both fiction and non-fiction books are eligible.  This year the winner is Keeper by Andrea Gillies, it is a non fiction book [...]


Volunteering for Cancer Research UK

Many people want to support cancer research, but don’t have lots of

a) time

b) money

Cancer Research UK have launched a new service called “Action Teams”.  The idea of action teams is that you are not committed to regular volunteering but you can still get involved. You will be offered a range of [...]


Clinical Trials – How can I help?

A trial is used to test out an idea or a drug, a clinical trial means one that is conducted by doctors and nurses, usually in a hospital. There are lots of different trials and it can be confusing trying to work out what they show and why they are different.

A clinical trial [...]


Antioxidants and Cancer

First of all an apology to those of you using a feed reader, I’ve noticed that my RSS feed has an XML parse error again.  I’m not sure what is causing this, it’s an intermittent fault (the worst kind as they are the hardest to reproduce)  but I am going to redesign my website [...]


Gordon Brown – Cancer in the UK

The Cancer Research UK website has an “interview” between the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and their Cheif Executive Harpal Kumar. You can read the interview here “PM Gordon Brown speaks exclusively to Cancer Research UK CEO Harpal Kumar“.

I’ve posted it here because I thought that you might be interested to read what Gordon [...]