Anti-Angiogenesis - Stopping the blood supp

There is a recent TED talk discussing how eating certain foods can prevent tumours from attracting a blood supply and growing.  As with many things in science, the reality is not that simple, thousands of labs all over the world are working on treatments that aim to stop tumours attracting their own blood supply [...]


Does asparagus cure cancer? Nope.

My Dad forwarded me an email called “read the contents below and pass to your friends”.  The gist of it was that aspargus can cure cancer.  It gives three case studies of people with different types of cancer who were cured by eating asparagus and cites a study done in 1979 that I can’t [...]


Is there any point in eating fruit and veg?

This week, there have been many news reports saying “Five-a-day has little impact on cancer” and “Five fruit and veg a day won’t keep cancer away”. This is a result of new research, published by in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, you can read the study in all it’s glory here “Fruit [...]


Can you prevent cancer? Is it possible?

Can you prevent cancer? Yes, you can prevent some types of cancer, some of the time.  How is that for hedging your beats?  I could be a politician!

Many people think that getting cancer is solely down to fate.  Some people blame faulty genes, after all, you can’t choose your parents.  Many people think [...]


Will drinking red wine stop you getting cancer?

There have been a few reports out this week that say drinnking red wine is good for you.  Some newspaper articles are even telling you to sip red wine slowly for a maximum effect.  What did I think of these reports?  Well I’m a bit sceptical.  I checked out the NHS Choices Blog for [...]


Scientists keep changing their minds….

“Scientists keep changing their minds, it’s better to ignore their advice.” That is the gist of a new survey published this week.  The survey was commissioned by the World Cancer Research Fund, a charity that promotes a healthy diet and lifestyle as a way to avoid some types of cancer.

The BBC have a [...]