How do you explain fatigue to other people?

I have written about cancer fatigue before. Fatigue can affect people with any type of cancer and at any stage of treatment, having said that there is actually very little research and practical support available. Fatigue is tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest and it can be very hard to explain this to [...]


Fatigue, cancer and “coping”

I am a cell biologist, so I have no great knowledge of psychology. However, several blog posts and essays have recently caught my attention.  Many people with cancer experience fatigue, which is tiredness that doesn’t go away even when you rest.

Fatigue can be caused by lots of different things:

drugs can cause [...]


Does excercise help ease fatigue in people with cancer?

Many people with cancer have fatigue.  Fatigue is tiredness that doesn’t get better when you rest. Fatigue is a very difficult thing to study, it may be caused by having cancer (e.g. the cancer itself might disrupt your normal biological process and that makes you feel fatigued) or it may also be caused by [...]


Cancer Fatigue – Why am I so tired?

Cancer fatigue, fatigue means tiredness that doesn’t go away when you rest. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of cancer treatment and often one of the hardest to deal with. First of all, there are things you can do to help.  Let your doctor know. Some cancer treatments can make you anemic [...]