Waiting Times Update

Figures out this week show that 96 % of people who were urgently referred and then diagnosed with cancer were treated within 62 days.  This means the 95 % target has been reached every quarter for the past year.  The average wait was 35 days.  NHS Grampian treated 96.8% of people within 62 days.



NHS Websites – There are a lot of them…

This post is as much for my benefit as anyone elses, the NHS have umpteen different websites, many of which have “News” sections, however very few of these have RSS feeds, so it is very hard to keep up to date with them.  If  I make a list of them here, hopefully I’ll be [...]


National Pathology Week 2015 – Aberdeen Event at the Satrosphere

Pathology?  Most people think “euch, dead bodies, that doesn’t interest me”. This is a myth, encouraged by crime shows on tv.  Most pathologists work on samples from living people. In fact there are only about 100 forensic pathologists in the UK (the sort beloved of tv crime shows).

Over 70 % of diagnosis in [...]


NHS Grampian Health Plan - Have your say

Now is your chance to have your say on NHS Grampian’s proposed new priorities for the next three years. There is a 13 page booklet called the “GHB Consultation Document” available online, that you can read and send your comments back to NHS Grampian. It’s not too long and most of it is explained [...]


Cancer screening do you go for your smear test or mammogram?

There have been two articles out this week that discuss why people do (and don’t) go for cancer screening.  Both studies looked at women’s breast cancer and cervical cancer.

In Scotland women are offered a cervical smear test every three years from the age of 20 to 60. In England the tests start at [...]


How many men in Grampian get cancer?

How common is cancer? We know that 1 in 3 people will develop cancer at some point in their life’s, what are the numbers for men in Grampian? How do they compare with the rest of Scotland?

The NHS Information Services Division collect this information and analyse the statistics. They [...]


How many women in Grampian get diagnosed with colorectal cancer?

How many people in the North East of Scotland get diagnosed with colorectal (also known as bowel cancer or colon cancer) cancer every year?

The NHS Information Services Division collect this information and analyse the statistics. They produce a report that is updated regularly. You can find lots of information on all types of [...]