I have a lump in my breast. Does that mean I have cancer?

Breast Lumps Not Cancer WEB

Are all breast lumps cancer? No. Lumps in your breast are very common and very few of them are caused by breast cancer.

Tumour (Chew-mor) Benign (b-9) Malignant (mal-ig-nan-t)

Tumour -A tumour is a lump of cells, it can be benign or malignant

Benign – A lump of cells that can NOT grow or [...]


Do you know a sign or symptom of cancer?

Yesterday Cancer Research UK published a survey of 4,000 people that showed that 1/7 people didn’t know one sign or symptom of cancer. This seems a little hard to believe, you would think that most people realise a lump could be a sign of cancer.  However people weren’t given a list to choose from [...]