60 Years of the NHS

There has been an interesting report published this week called “60 years of the NHS – Ordinary People Tell the Story” you will need Adobe Reader to open it. If you don’t want to read the whole report, there is a nice summary on the Wellcome Trust website (they part funded the study).

The [...]


Waiting Times Update

Figures out this week show that 96 % of people who were urgently referred and then diagnosed with cancer were treated within 62 days.  This means the 95 % target has been reached every quarter for the past year.  The average wait was 35 days.  NHS Grampian treated 96.8% of people within 62 days.



NHS Scotland Spends more than England and Wales

Last week there were several news stories about a report released by the Nuffield Trust showing that NHS Scotland is less efficient and spends more than Wales and England and Northern Ireland.  NHS staff in Scotland also see less patients than their counterparts south of the border.  For some interesting statistics read this report [...]


NHS Websites – There are a lot of them…

This post is as much for my benefit as anyone elses, the NHS have umpteen different websites, many of which have “News” sections, however very few of these have RSS feeds, so it is very hard to keep up to date with them.  If  I make a list of them here, hopefully I’ll be [...]


David Cameron – Cancer in the UK

In September 2015 I drew your attention to an interview between Gordon Brown and the Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, Harpal Kumar. In the interests of fairness,  I thought I’d point out that Cancer Research UK have posted a similar interview with David Cameron called “David Cameron speaks exclusively to Cancer Research [...]


NHS Grampian Health Plan - Have your say

Now is your chance to have your say on NHS Grampian’s proposed new priorities for the next three years. There is a 13 page booklet called the “GHB Consultation Document” available online, that you can read and send your comments back to NHS Grampian. It’s not too long and most of it is explained [...]