Science Links

I’ve come across a few good science links lately, if you know of any more feel free to leave a comment below.

Naturally Obsessed – The Making of a Scientist.

This is a one hour documentary about how scientific research works. It follows 3 people in the lab of Dr Lawrence Shapiro in New [...]


Aberdeen University - Course in Applied Epidemiology

This post is aimed at scientists and medics.  Aberdeen University run an intensive (week long) course in Applied Epidemiology (click here for the advert) from the 1st-5th of March 2016. These courses have run in Aberdeen since 2007, having previously been offered at the University of Manchester.

What is epidemiology?  Why is it interesting? [...]


Laboratory Scientists – Cool Links for Researchers

This is a bit of a geeky post, if you are a research scientist here are some links that could make your life easier. Most of them are free (or have a free “basic” version). I haven’t used any of them (yet), but they all look worth a try.

Mendeley – an iTunes for [...]


Scientists keep changing their minds….

“Scientists keep changing their minds, it’s better to ignore their advice.” That is the gist of a new survey published this week.  The survey was commissioned by the World Cancer Research Fund, a charity that promotes a healthy diet and lifestyle as a way to avoid some types of cancer.

The BBC have a [...]