Nick Clegg - Cancer in the UK

I have previously written about Gordon Brown and David Cameron’s views on cancer in the UK.  This week Nick Clegg, the leader of the liberal democrats has been giving his opinions and they are on the Cancer Research UK website.

Again, like Gordon Brown and David Cameron he starts off by saying that “early [...]


Can you trust a scientist?

The UK government has a website called “Science and Society in the UK“, it is part of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. They want to improve build public confidence in science and improve science communication.

Apparently some expert groups are drawing up “action plans”.  Beyond that, I got a bit confused, I’m [...]


How many people in the UK have had cancer?

In June 2015, the British Journal of Cancer published research looking at the numbers of people, in the UK who had survived cancer. The article is called “Cancer prevalence in the United Kingdom – estimates for 2014”

Why is it an estimate if 2014 has passed? Well, we don’t know which people who have [...]