I have blood in my urine – Does that mean I have cancer?


How many people who have blood in their urine (pee), have cancer?

There have been two recent research studies done, looking at thousands of people to work out how many people with a certain symptom are likely to have cancer. If you have blood in your urine, then you should make an appointment and [...]


Do you know a sign or symptom of cancer?

Yesterday Cancer Research UK published a survey of 4,000 people that showed that 1/7 people didn’t know one sign or symptom of cancer. This seems a little hard to believe, you would think that most people realise a lump could be a sign of cancer.  However people weren’t given a list to choose from [...]


Things that you should get checked out…

It’s not often that a news story has me printing off several scientific articles and reaching for my calculator, but a new study published today caught my interest. It is called “Alarm Symptoms and identification of non-cancer diagnoses in primary care: cohort study” and was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).  It was [...]