MRI Scans at ARI

Some of the first MRI scans in the world were carried out at Aberdeen University,the first patient was scanned in 1980. Aberdeen University continues to research and develop MRI technology. If you are interested, you can read about the technical details of the scanners at Foresterhill on the Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre website.

BUPA [...]


Are you a student? Do you want to work in a lab over the summer holidays?

Are you a student? Do you want to work in a research laboratory in the summer of 2010? If so you need to start planning it now. If you are doing an undergraduate (first) degree in a biological/biomedical science then you can apply for money to work in a laboratory over the summer (a [...]


Books on cancer, health and disease

This post is inspired by the announcment of the winner of the first Wellcome Trust Book prize.  The prize is awarded to outstanding works on the theme of health and medicine.  Both fiction and non-fiction books are eligible.  This year the winner is Keeper by Andrea Gillies, it is a non fiction book [...]


Wellcome Trust PhDs 2010

Applications are now open for Wellcome PhDs starting in October 2010. To do a PhD (doctorate) you need to have an undergraduate degree and you usually need to get a first class or upper second class degree to get onto a PhD programme.

The Wellcome Trust fund PhD’s on medical topics (usually these are [...]


Wellcome Image Awards 2015

Last night the winners of the 2015 Wellcome Image Awards were announced. So what?  The Wellcome Trust are the UK’s largest charity and they fund medical research. The also hold an impressive library in London which is open to the public and they maintain a very large database of images.

Every year they select [...]